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Our Medium Barbecue Grills
Sep 29, 2018

    The medium barbecue grill is divided into two varieties, they have the same  appearance, size and function, the difference is the energy they used. There are two kinds of energy, charcoal and gas. There are different legs of these grill. One is convenient to use with folding legs, the other make the transport dimension smaller with removable legs. This series of products is suitable for collective outdoor camping, small business operations and so on.

Material: This series of products is made of 304 stainless steel for food.

Speed: Micro-motor automatic control, 4~6 rev/min.

Dimensions: Use size (mm): 1750 (length) × 600 (width) × 1000 (high)

             Transport size (mm): 1300 (long) × 550 (width) × 590 (high)

Functions and features:

①This kind of barbecue grill has the function of automatic rotation,it can barbecue long stings of meat food.

②Two micro-motors control grill rotates automatically, 4~6 rev/min, saving time, labor and safety. It can not scald your fingers.

③The top cover of the grill can be freely opened and closed, and can be hovered at any position to facilitate the adjustment of the temperature. When the barbecue is over, the top cover can be opened up to 90° to facilitate take large food.

④The radiation-proof observation window and thermometer are installed on the top cover to facilitate observation of the inside of the grill, and the sheath is added to the handle to prevent burns.

⑤This kind of barbecue grills can barbecue eleven steel strings of meat in lengthways at the same time, which can provide more people to eat. It also allows us to avoid waiting in line.


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