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How To Operate A Large Charcoal Grill In A Rotisserie
Jul 25, 2018

In the use of charcoal grills, air conditioners can also be used. Air conditioners are convectively cooled and then released. In the process, the pollution is serious. Most barbecue shops do not open air conditioners, and the new charcoal ovens can prevent air pollution. It also effectively purifies part of the air, so turning on the fan and air conditioner will not pollute the air. Because it can purify the air very clean and hygienic, it will not lick the oil to the guests' clothes and will not have oily taste, so that the guests can enjoy the food in a neat and comfortable atmosphere. The exhaust pipe is in the clear place, and the cleaning and maintenance is convenient and simple. With the fire control knob, you can adjust the firepower and the barbecue process according to your needs. It is not easy to smash the tray. You don't need to change the tray during normal consumption, and you can bake various foods by yourself. The working principle and operation method of charcoal grill are very simple.

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