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What seasonings do you need for barbecue?
Nov 01, 2018

There are pure salad oil, soybean oil, red oil, seasoning oil, etc., and various oil brushes can add food flavor, spicy taste, color and so on. [What kind of oil is good for barbecue.

Salt is suitable for pickling food, but you should pay attention to the timing and dosage of salting to avoid salty.

The seasoning effect of cooking wine/rice wine is mainly to remove scent and aroma.

Soy sauce can add flavor to the dishes and increase the color of the food.

The oyster sauce oil itself is very salty and can be slightly neutralized with sugar.

The honey color of the roasted chicken wings will be very attractive, and it will have a special aroma of honey; roasted corn can make the corn more sweet.

Salt and pepper can replace salt, smells a fragrant taste, and has a slightly fragrant taste. It can be used as a spreader and marinade.

Black pepper powder is spicy and can be used to marinate fishy meat and other ingredients. It can also be sprinkled directly on the food to add flavor.

Barbecue sauce (juice) is mainly used for barbecue and can also be used on grilled vegetables.

The taste is unique and the scent is aromatic and strong, so you can taste it.

Basic dry material

1, spices with a sense of heat and spicy, such as pepper (chili powder), ginger, pepper, pepper, saffron and so on.

2, there are spicy spices, such as garlic, onions, onions, horseradish and so on.

3, there are aromatic spices, such as laurel, cinnamon, cloves, fragrant incense, vanilla beans and so on.

4, vanilla spices, such as fennel, Ji fen, licorice, thyme, withered and so on.

5, mixed spices, such as curry powder, chili powder, allspice.

Basic data

1. Popular materials: 4 grams of cumin, 3 grams of salt, 1 gram of MSG, 2 grams of chili powder, 1 gram of cooked sesame, 0.5 grams of succulent.

2, Korean style ingredients (for meat skewers): 2 grams of schizoneola, 30 grams of cumin, 10 grams of vanilla powder, 20 grams of pepper, 10 grams of pepper powder, 15 grams of salt, 5 grams of MSG, 5 grams of sugar .

You can also choose different flavors of sauces and barbecue sauce according to your personal preference. In addition to the seasoning powders described above, you can buy the packaged barbecue materials directly, and you don't need to add other ingredients after adding them.


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