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What are the precautions for barbecue?⑤
Jan 15, 2019

After barbecue

    If the carbon in the furnace is not burned out, it must be extinguished, left for the next use, or poured into the garbage can. If you can't find the trash can, it's best to bury it, don't just throw it away. Don't forget to clean the site after the barbecue to keep the environment clean. If the bonfire is ignited, it should be buried, stepped on, and restored to its original appearance.

    Please sort out the garbage generated during the event, take it away or drop it to the designated location. Especially charcoal and plastic bags are difficult to break down. Care must be taken to protect all kinds of green plants and water during the barbecue. Do not repeatedly fiddle with the charcoal in the stove, which will destroy the naturally formed air circulation and heat transfer channels, resulting in flameout.


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