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Type of household BBQ grill
Oct 23, 2018

    Although the home barbecue stove is basically an electric oven, but each person has different preferences, the general household barbecue stove can be divided into three categories:

Charcoal type

    Charcoal grills should be familiar to everyone, the taste is the most authentic, and very good. The frequency of replacing the baking tray and the baking net is relatively high, and the charcoal is troublesome to get.

    Generally, charcoal barbecue stoves need to be used for smoke exhausting, of course, there are also self-selling cigarettes. (The self-selling cigarettes still contain about 20% of the flue gas, which can be basically eliminated by indoor ventilation devices such as exhaust fans) The general charcoal grill is divided into two types: upper exhaust and lower exhaust. The upper exhaust price is relatively low, and the lower exhaust price is relatively high. The difference in price is only that the oven and the exhaust pipe are different.

Electrical type

    The electric grill is actually a kind of heating pipe on both sides of the oven. The electric grill is designed to make the baking pan evenly preheat, so that the roasted meat is not easy to paste, and the smokeless electric grill generally has The smoke exhaust device (but it is impossible to discharge all the light, about 70% to 80% of the smoke) is similar to the fried meat, but it looks more upscale, and the replacement rate of the baking tray is greatly reduced. And it is also very convenient.

Infrared type

    The infrared grill is composed of a tempered glass cover, a non-stick baking pan, a halogen lamp, an oil pan, and a stamped and formed outer casing. According to the principle of solar radiation, the plant fiber is energized to generate infrared rays (wavelength 2-4um) to directly radiate the heating pan, without generating any combustion exhaust gas and carbon dust, while not heating the air to keep the indoor air fresh. The biggest feature is to make the baking pan evenly heated, and the barbecue is evenly cooked from the inside to the outside to reduce the fumes generated during the roasting.

Gas type

    In daily life, gas such as natural gas used in homes is toxic, so you can't use eye-catching baking trays or grilled nets like charcoal grills, so it's better to say that it's fried meat. However, most people eat barbecue is not a method, mainly to eat the atmosphere and feeling, and many people do not like to use charcoal grill.


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