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The method of burning charcoal when Barbecue
Sep 27, 2018

       Charcoal is generally a mechanism of charcoal, which is not very easy to burn. In general, a small amount of raw charcoal (or broken wood) is needed to burn. Method: first put some shredded paper to ignite the fire, wait for the fire to burn, put on the original charcoal, use the fan to fire, and slowly add charcoal after the fire is burning, use the fan to slam the fan (the fan is best blown with the hand fan) ). 

       In a short while, the fire will burn. After the charcoal is red and spread out, you can start the barbecue. At the beginning, please don't put too much charcoal in the grill. Generally, it is enough to put 3 pieces. It is easy to put the food into charcoal and waste charcoal. If the charcoal is used up, it must be purchased separately in the scenic spot. 


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