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Outdoor barbecue strategy
Jan 05, 2019


1.the Grill

    The most important thing about the oven is to choose the size. Once, the width of the grill determines the length of your grill string, which determines how many items can be stringed on your string. Second, consider whether it is convenient to carry, barbecue. Can't be at home! Because the correct way to grill is to divide the grill into a high temperature zone, a medium temperature zone and a carbon free zone, you can hold all the barbecue needs. If the grill is too short, it will not be able to do the proper functional partitioning, and it will be too busy when grilling.


    The first choice for charcoal fire is the healthy, professional natural barbecue with charcoal baked things to eat with confidence.

    The second is that when you use it, you can easily burn it at once. This is very important. If you spend 1-3 hours burning charcoal, then you have no mood to barbecue today. You are called a barbecue partner. I have to do it with you, and it will last a long time, so that the barbecue will be smoother.


    Picnic cloth, lunch boxes, brushes, clips, paper towels, gloves, wet wipes, garbage bags, toothpicks, all ready to have a good time.

    If you want to come to a standard outdoor barbecue party, then the above tools are enough, but if you want to make your outdoor barbecue icing on the cake, have been relished by friends, then the following tools can also be appropriate! Umbrellas and benches can come in handy. Sit and drink, you can go around and then lazy to sit on the bench or parasol to chat with friends is also a good choice. At the same time, you can prepare cards, and it is not bad to sit and play cards after the barbecue.

4.Fresh ingredients

    The ingredients are preferably packaged in a vacuum and are disassembled before baking, so that the whole is clean and hygienic. And there is no fear that the soup or the seasoning leaks on the road, causing the sprinkles to be everywhere, and avoiding the shackles of getting oil. Just use tin foil when roasting in the oven, and of course you can use it when grilling.


    The heavy-duty barbecue is called barbecue, so the seasoning combination can't be less! They not only add flavor, but also make every skewer aroma. Chili oil, five chili noodles, cumin, barbecue sauce, sea salt, etc., one can not be less.

6.Barbecue ingredients

Meat: lamb, beef, bacon, pork belly.

    The meat is preferably fat and thin, so the taste will be better than the whole lean meat, and the meat should be marinated with the seasoning at the preparation stage, so the taste will be very good! When grilling, the first barbecue will help the charcoal fire!

Vegetables: corn, mushrooms, potatoes, eggplant.

    When grilling, vegetables are as popular as meat, but there is a way to grill each vegetable. All vegetables should be baked on tin foil!

Seafood: clams, prawns, grilled fish, oysters

    In fact, when you are grilling, the fish is usually not the best choice. Because it is not fresh when you go out to barbecue in summer, the prawns are the most convenient and best to eat. You can put it directly on the grill without putting it. Any seasoning, its savory taste is enough for you to stop.

Other: bread, taro, gluten, etc.

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