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How to use the double-toothed animal grilling fork
Jul 25, 2018

First place the box-shaped fork bracket in the oven, from the top to the bottom, with the groove facing outward, the tip of the fork is inserted into the rear hole, and there is a hole in the hole (motor hole) ), insert it into the motor hole, gently turn it to make the rod and the hole fit together, can not be smashed, otherwise the fork can not be rotated, and then the handle end can be placed in the groove. Then remove the handle, select any baking mode, start testing whether the fork is installed, if it is not rotated, it is not installed, and the rotation is installed. For the use of the grilling fork, remove the iron fork of the grilling fork, and fork the whole chicken or the whole duck directly into the grilling fork, then install the iron fork and fix it with the iron forks at both ends.

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