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Features of our mini BBQ grill
Oct 10, 2018

Material: This series of products is made of 304 stainless steel for food.

       Speed: Manual control

      Dimensions: Use size (mm): 330 (length) × 330 (width) ×130 (high)

                         Transport size (mm): 330 (long) ×330 (width) × 23 (high)

Functions and features:

This series of grills has a delicate design that can be folded into a thin shape, the thickness is similar to adult fingers. It is like a magic prop, it is very convenient to open and accommodate, it allows you to show off in front of friends and family.

Main Features of our mini BBQ grill:
-Portable: Mini size and easy Carry
-Save time: Easy installation and easy maintains
-Save money: Save shelf space and save transportation cost
-Customerized artworks available.


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