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Cleaning and maintenance methods of household BBQ grill
Oct 23, 2018

    The grill is a barbecue device that can be divided into charcoal grills, gas grills, electric grills and microwave grills. It is a good thing to have a few friends in the life to go out for a barbecue together. However, many people only know how to use them, but they don't know the correct cleaning and maintenance methods, which greatly reduces their use value. It is unwise.

Cleaning method

    First, when you are grilling, you can apply a layer of cooking oil on the baking net to prevent the physical objects from sticking to the baking net, which is convenient for us to clean after the barbecue is finished.

    Second, after use, wait until the fire is naturally extinguished (charcoal stove). After the temperature of the grill is reduced to normal temperature, remove the char and wipe the grill. The baking pan and grill can be cleaned with water and a cleaning brush. Cleaning.

    Third, after cleaning, dry the grill with a clean, dry cloth to prevent the body from rusting.

Maintenance method

    First, check if the screws on the grill are loose before grilling. Because the grill will be hot and deformed during the barbecue process, if the installation is not correct and firm, the deformation of the oven will be more serious, which may affect the effect of the barbecue.

    Second, when grilling, for charcoal stoves, the amount of charcoal should be moderate. If there is too much charcoal, it will produce high temperature and high heat, which is not conducive to the operation of the barbecue. In addition, high temperature and high heat may cause heating and deformation of the accessories of the barbecue fire, resulting in damage to the grill. In general, the area of charcoal should be controlled within 80% of the area of the baking pot, and the height should not exceed the height of the grilling net.

    Third, do not add liquid combustion improvers or sprays to the charcoal fire.

    Fourth, the grill is pressed with heavy objects, and the grilling net can be coated with a layer of cooking oil to prevent rust.

    Fifth, after the barbecue is finished, place the oven in a ventilated and dry place and cover the grill.


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