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Nov 01, 2018

1. When the food is on the grill, people who are worried are always worried that they will burn, and they will turn over and over. In fact, this will prolong the time of roasting, and will destroy the protein and cause the meat to harden. When you turn over the food, the food must be heated to a certain extent to easily turn over. If the food is stuck on the grid after turning over, it means that the protein is not completely heated, and the hard pull will only tear the protein fiber. If it is fish, it will form peeling.

2. the food in the barbecue process, the longer the time, the greater the loss of moisture and oil, the more dry the taste. Therefore, during the barbecue process, you should brush some barbecue sauce on the food to keep the food moist and increase the taste, but be careful not to brush too much at one time, and the food is too salty.


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