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Basic principles of grills⑤
Dec 12, 2018

    Many people love to eat barbecue. You may wish to buy a barbecue stove yourself. On weekends, a group of friends or family members can make barbecues at home, chat while enjoying drinks while enjoying the barbecue. Why not! Before buying a barbecue stove, do you know what kinds of grills are there? How do different types of grills work? Let's take a look at the basic principles of the five grills.

    The solar grill is to use the principle of collecting and collecting heat to realize food grilling and stewing, to realize the charging of the battery by the principle of photovoltaic power generation, and to operate the whole machine. First, the solar radiation can be collected, heat-transmitted and stored by the reflector and the baking tube. Wait, to get heat, to achieve food barbecue, stew and other functions. Second, the solar cell module absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy to provide power to the solar energy automatic tracking system. The solar automatic tracking system is composed of photosensitive trackers, motors and other components, which can accurately track the solar azimuth at any time and anywhere to achieve effective collection of sunlight.


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