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Basic principles of grills④
Dec 12, 2018

    Many people love to eat barbecue. You may wish to buy a barbecue stove yourself. On weekends, a group of friends or family members can make barbecues at home, chat while enjoying drinks while enjoying the barbecue. Why not! Before buying a barbecue stove, do you know what kinds of grills are there? How do different types of grills work? Let's take a look at the basic principles of the five grills.

    Microwave ovens can pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, and plastics, but they do not consume energy. In foods containing moisture, microwaves are not only permeable, but their energy is absorbed. The outer casing of the microwave oven is made of a metal material such as stainless steel, which can block the microwave from escaping from the furnace, so as not to affect people's health. The container for food is made of insulating material. The heart of the microwave oven is a magnetron. The magnet, called the magnetron, is a microwave generator that produces microwaves with a vibration frequency of 2.45 billion pulses per second. This invisible microwave can penetrate food up to 5cm deep, and the water molecules in the food move with it. The intense movement produces a lot of heat, so the food is "cooked".


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