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Barbecue ingredients
Nov 01, 2018

1. meat

Mutton: The best place for barbecue is to cut the lamb leg into small pieces, as well as the loin, outer ridge, and sheep loin. Inserted on the brazing bran, there is fat and thinner.

Pork: It must be cooked until it is fully cooked. It should be selected from the ribs, waist and hips with tender and slightly fatty pork. The meat will not be too dry and the tenderloin can be used.

Beef: Choose beef ribs, tender and tough; beef shoulder meat is the most conducive to tender tender meat, beef should not be roasted to full cooked food, will destroy the tenderness of meat. The cow's chest and beef tenderloin can also be used.

Chicken: Any part is a good material for barbecue. If you dipped in lemonade before the barbecue, and then sprinkle some starch, the meat will be more tender. There are also semi-processed chicken wings, chicken fillets, chicken chops, etc. are also the stars on the grill.

Marinated meat: luncheon meat, sausage, cured meat, bacon, easy to carry, do not have a flavor.

2. aquatic products

Fish: Fish used for barbecue, usually with less fishbone. For example, saury, spring fish, salmon, Wuchang fish, squid, squid, mud squid, etc.

Seafood: squid, scallops, shrimp, cuttlefish, snail meat, crab, scorpion, scorpion, etc.

3. fruits and vegetables

Vegetables: corn, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, green peppers, radishes, lettuce, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, taro, yam, garlic, eggplant, zucchini, leeks, cabbage, beans, green peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, kelp, spinach, Lotus root, papaya, asparagus, pumpkin, chestnut (to prevent cut "fried"), etc., you can mix salad dressing.

Fruit: banana, pineapple, apple, pear, cantaloupe, citrus, sugar cane, durian. When the fruit string is heated, it is necessary to master the heat, so that the surface is slightly browned, so that the fruit will remain juicy. Finally, the honey or yogurt can be tasted better.

4. pasta

Bread, taro, buns, etc.

5. soy products

Beans, tofu, yuba, dried beans, etc.

6. snacks

Biscuits, biscuits, chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, etc.

7. seasoning

Salt, cumin powder, salt and pepper, black pepper powder, chili powder, blending oil, ginger onion, allspice, honey, sweet sauce, soy sauce, seafood sauce, barbecue sauce, spicy sauce, carrot sauce, tomato sauce, cheese slices, sesame seeds, etc. .

8. drinks

Carbonated drinks, mineral water, juice, herbal tea, beer, fruit vinegar, etc.


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