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Barbecue food taboo
Jan 08, 2019

1. Green vegetables should not be roasted

Green oily vegetables, long leek, crispy apple slices... It seems that fruits and vegetables can be baked. But in fact, the crisp and tender vegetables, because they are roasted on charcoal fire, the heating time is difficult to grasp, a little long, it is easy to scorch, may be more likely to produce carcinogens than meat. Moreover, the nutritional value of vegetables and fruits is largely reflected in the rich vitamins, but it will be destroyed after overheating.

2. Beer does not eat with the barbecue

Beer, cool and refreshing, contains a variety of essential amino acids and rich vitamins, loved by people. However, some precautions when drinking can not attract people's attention, such as drinking beer when eating kebabs, it is not appropriate; smoked foods contain organic amines and polycyclic hydrocarbons, benzopyrene and amino acids produced by cooking. derivative. When the amount of blood lead is increased by excessive drinking, the above substances can be combined to induce digestive diseases and even tumors.

3. Seafood grilled for a long time

Carbon roasting and grilled scallops are the most popular seafood barbecue methods, but the most unsafe place is “outside cooked”. The seafood has pathogenic bacteria such as Vibrio parahaemolyticus, which has strong heat resistance, and can be killed above 80 °C, and parasitic eggs may also exist. In general, cooking seafood is the safest. If you want to eat grilled seafood, try to bake for a long time. It is best to use garlic and mustard when eating, which has a bactericidal effect.

4. Avoid eating barbecue and drinking beer

The weather is hot and eating barbecue is easy to thirsty. Many people are cool and prefer to have a few bottles of beer during the barbecue. It should be pointed out that the skewers are not well controlled during the barbecue.

Some locations are charred to produce carcinogens. Together with the beer we drink, it promotes blood circulation and promotes the formation of cancer cells.

5. Avoid external coke endogenous

Because some barbecues are too ripe, they will age, they will become chewy, and they will lose the taste of the meat itself. Therefore, the meat will sometimes appear "outside focus". Need to be reminded that if some meat is found to be not ripe yet,

Don't eat it with a disapproval attitude, otherwise it will probably infect parasites and bury hidden dangers for your health.


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