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BBQ Accessories

  • Condiment Bottles for Barbecue

    There are three types of condiment bottles: rotary hole models, full hole models, mesh screen models: 1: Rotating hole type: 3 different size holes, which can rotate the size of the sprinkler according to the size of the seasoning particles, such as sesame, cumin powder. 2:...
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  • Spit Roaster Back Brace for Animals

    Our services * Before sending the machine, we will test and adjust, so you can use directly when you get it. * Operation instruction will be sent to clients, to help them use better. * Provide professional and good service. * Provide high quality products with best price. *...
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  • Safe Oil Paper for Barbecue

    Our services * All products purchased in our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. If quality problems happen in guarantee period, our company will maintain for free. * Additionally, our company provides technical support and fittings for life. *...
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  • Food Grade Tin Foil for Barbecue

    Features: Barbecue foil can prevent the loss of moisture in the cooking, making the baked food more tender and juicy. Tin-paper needle mushroom is a delicious dish in the barbecue in China. So when going out with a few friends, prepare some tin foil and bake some mushroom or...
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  • Disposable Tableware for Barbecue

    1.Vacuum packaging, food grade safety 2.Waterproof, oil proof, high temperature resistant 3.Environmentally friendly, degradable Our aim is health and safety, so you don't have to worry about safety issues.
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  • Charcoal Cilp for Barbecue

    Charcoal clips are used to pinch charcoal, making grilling more convenient and preventing hand soiling or burns. If you need other products for barbecue, you can contact me and we will meet the customer's needs as much as possible under certain conditions.
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  • Barbecue Brush and Cleaning Brush

    Our company not only provides barbecue equipment, but also offers barbecue accessories. Oil brush use for smear the meat skewers before grilling to prevent the meat scorching. Cleaning brush use for cleaning the barbecue net after grilling.
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  • Anti-hot and Oil Gloves for Barbecue

    Anti-scalding and oil-absorbing gloves are made of peace of mind silicone material, which has the following advantages: 1. high temperature resistance, thick heat resistance is not afraid of hot. 2. peace of mind does not slip, anti-slip design. 3. softness, twist, pull, pull...
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  • Convenient Skewer for Barbecue

    Features: This tool is not only fast, but also clean and hygienic. It does not hurt your hands and protects the meat. The meat is more tender and delicious. 1. color is complete, a variety of colors to choose from 2. The machine is equipped with a nut to solve the problem of...
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  • Stainless Steel Rotisserie Fork

    Stainless steel grilled fork can be used to roast leg of lamb, roast rabbit, roast chicken, roast duck. (1) Steel handle fork: about 70cm in length, stainless steel primary color, no coating, healthy and environmentally friendly. (2) Round fork with wooden handle: about 65cm...
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  • Barbecue Food Clip

    1.Suitable for all kinds of barbecues, it is not easy to be burned if it is long. 2.Suitable for frying steak, food, with a plastic cover on the handle, non-slip anti-scalding to turn the steak more freely 3.Suitable for all kinds of bread dessert cakes, the chuck type...
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  • Stainless Steel Skewer for Barbecue

    FAQ Q:I would like to ask you if it's possible to have my logo on the product or on the package? A:Yes. ODM is acceptable. We can brand your logo both on product & on package according to your requirement. But we also hope you know we will charge you some extra...
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